NCI has conducted clinical trials in partnership with Royal North Shore Hospital, which combined, has been one of the most active trials units in NSW, with clinical trials across a variety of tumour types including the common ones such as, breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers as well as national expertise in the less common cancers, such as, brain, kidney, mesothelioma and NETs.

Access to the latest medical cancer treatments and personalized therapies through clinical trials will be available at the new clinical trials facility in St Leonards, which has the capacity to grow and interact both locally and nationally with other existing research groups.

Patients will have access to high-caliber medical cancer specialists, who also carry out key research into new treatments. The new facility will also host dedicated multidisciplinary teams in the following clinical and research areas:

  • Brain cancers;

  • Colorectal cancer;

  • Pancreas cancer;

  • Gastro-intestinal cancers;

  • Lung cancers;

  • Breast and gynaecologic cancers;

  • Genito-urinary tract cancers including prostate and kidney cancers;

  • Melanoma (interacting with the Sydney Melanoma Unit); and

  • Sarcoma.