What to Bring

When you first attend, there are several items that are important to bring to NCI.To ensure that your medical team obtain all the necessary background information to correctly treat you, please bring:

  • Current Referral

  • Letters from your Doctors 

  • List of medications with information on the dose and frequency

  • Any x-rays or results relevant to your condition

To ensure you receive all the benefits available to you, please bring:

  • Your Medicare Card 

  • Any Pensioner or concession cards

  • Veterans affairs entitlement card

  • Health fund details

  • Contact and next of kin details.


We encourage you to leave anything of value at home, particularly valuable jewellery, as Northern Cancer Institute is unable to accept responsibility for the loss of valuables or money.

Mobile Phones

We ask you to turn your mobile phone off or on silent for the comfort of other patients that may be resting during their treatment. Mobile phones can interfere with electronic medical equipment, so we ask that you consult with staff prior to using them within the Centre.