Patients' Rights & Responsibilities

Whilst under the care of Northern Cancer Institute and its staff, each patient has the right to expect;

  • Care related to individual needs during their time at the facility

  • Appropriate information about their state of health and available treatments

  • A safe and secure environment

  • Privacy - please refer to the Privacy Policy

  • Respect for cultural and religious practices

  • Dignified, respectful and non-exploitive care from staff

  • Freedom of speech

  • Information about their health care and related costs

  • A second medical opinion

  • Control over their own body and health as well as the right to refuse treatment

  • Right to make a complaint and to have it actioned 

In turn, each patient has the responsibility to;

  • Respect the rights of fellow patients

  • Respect the rights of staff

  • Inform the Medical practitioner, as far as they are able, about their relevant medical history and their current health and their response/effects of treatment. That is, we can't help you if you don't tell us.